About us

Hieu Duc – Forestry Processing Trading Co.,Ltd has grown rapidly to become one of leading companies in Vietnam with many experience years specializing in manufacturing and exporting high quality furniture.
Quality is also one of our top priorities. We have built and improved our quality control system day by day with experienced specialists from Japan, Thailand… together with skilled workers to satisfy the most difficult customers..

Our Business

Besides, to vary our products, we have a wide range of materials from internal woods as: Rubber Wood, Melaleuca…to the imported ones as: Ash, Oak, Walnut, Pine, beech and MDF, Okal..
Our main products:
  – Dining Tables, Office Desks, Study Desks, Working Desks..
  – Sofas/ Chairs
  – Wooden Furnitures
  – Wooden Accessories

development process



– Founded in April 4th 1998 with only 50 workers



Upgrade production line

With the development of technology and its effects on production-line, our company has been modernized our factory with the latest machines

+ Sanding system accuracy and beauty products
+ Successful application of modern techniques in surface decoration of the product: hanging panit, veneer, print graining on mdf, generate graining wood …




In 2011,workers of company were 500+ peoples.


2018 - Present


Workers of company is 700+ peoples



In the first stage, most processing were manual, machines’re still rudimentary




From 2006 to present, the company has modernized the entire production line:

+ Automatic Painting system and UV drying system ensures product quality and yield increase.
+ NC machine using System products correct shape, forming the complex patterns.

Most lines are automated. The company increased the number of workers and machines to meet the increasing production needs